From one of the Tri-State Area’s darkest hours has emerged a multi-pronged agency devoted to overcoming the challenges associated with substance use disorder. The need for PROACT stemmed from widespread opioid and heroin abuse that created an addiction epidemic. Though apparent by 2014, the national headlines that erupted from about two dozen heroin overdoses in a single day in Huntington in August of 2016 stimulated further action.

Valley Health introduced medication-assisted treatment in the region in 2009. In the next decade, the health care community and other organizations established more than a dozen initiatives related to addiction recovery. Some, like Lily’s Place, the nation’s first facility dedicated to medical care for infants suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome, and treatment facilities like Recovery Point, were created to address crucial needs in Huntington. 

Still, there were significant care gaps. Leaders in the community recognized the need to come together to provide services for individuals, families, employers, and others who were challenged with the effects of substance use disorder. In early 2018, the major health care institutions joined forces to address various clinical, behavioral, and spiritual issues associated with substance abuse in a more comprehensive manner. PROACT’s founding partners—Cabell Huntington Hospital, St. Mary’s Medical Center, and Marshall Health—announced their collaboration in April of 2018.

Later, Thomas Health System and Valley Health joined the partnership to extend the organization’s potential impact. In October of 2018, PROACT opened its Huntington facility in a renovated pharmacy just south of the downtown area. The model has attracted national attention and visitors from state and national agencies. Your donations to PROACT can further its mission.