Special Giving Opportunities You Might Consider

The Marshall Health Network Foundations provide a variety of special opportunities you might consider for your gift support:

Memorial and Honor Giving

You can contribute to honor someone special or as a tribute to someone who has passed away. When you give, we will send a card to your honoree (or his/her family) announcing your contribution (but never disclosing the amount). You can simply indicate the necessary information on your giving form when making your donation.

Start a Nursing Scholarship

There are a number of nursing scholarships already set up at the St. Mary’s School of Nursing.  If you have someone you want to honor, you can set up a scholarship in their name. Please contact Kristi Arrowood at 304.526.2009 to talk about the best way to name and fund your scholarship.

Contribute to the Endowment of the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital

The endowment for the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital has been created but it needs more funding to generate the kind of annual income needed to serve our patients and underwrite the kind of equipment and medical professionals needed to make our Children’s Hospital special.

Name a Patient Room or Even a Building

Leave a legacy at one of the Hospitals in the Marshall Health Network by naming a space, room or even a build after your family, business, or your friends.  There are a number of spaces that we are actively looking for people to name.  Let us know if you are interested.

Thank Your Doctor, Nurse or Health Care Hero

National Doctors Day and Nurses Week only come around once a year.  You can thank your doctor, nurse or health care hero anytime on our site.  Simply leave a note and let them know why you appreciate them so much.

To learn more about any – or ALL – of the special opportunities to give at our Foundations, please email Kristi Arrowood or give her a call at 304.526.2009.