Aug. 9, 2023 | iCare Newsletter
by Bullseye Media

Time, Talent and Treasure: A Lasting Impact

While David and Lavern Meadows both passed away in 2019, their legacy is continuing through their creation of the Medallion Society. Membership is extended to those who make a ten-year commitment to give $10,000 or more to the Mountain Health Foundations.

The Meadows’s commitment to helping Hoops Family Children’s Hospital originated with the birth of their son, Michael. Born with severe birth defects, he required around-the-clock medical care during his 12 years of life.

While David continued his role at Co-Ex Plastics in Milton, Lavern became her son’s primary care giver and nurse. Since there were no specialized facilities in the area, they had to travel long distances regularly to seek the care he needed before his death.

“We might have had Michael a little longer had we had a hospital like we do today,” said Lavern once said of her and David’s contributions to Hoops. “We could have spent more time as a family if we had closer access.”

Mary Alice Freeman of Barboursville, Lavern Meadows’ cousin said the couple’s giving will shine even brighter in the future as a trust the Meadows established generates more income.

“It wasn’t anything they talked about openly, but it was always in the back of their mind,” Freeman said of the couple’s inspiration for creating the Medallion Society. “They felt like when they had to travel such a distance for their son’s care, it was important for Huntington to get something locally for parents who needed special care.”

Since establishing the fund 15 years ago, their idea has blossomed into a thriving giving program that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help people across central Appalachia.

“I’m very proud of them for being so humble and thinking of others,” Freeman said of her family members’ generosity. “Lavern was a very compassionate and caring individual who had humble beginnings. David was a visionary for his time and intellectually gifted.”

Not only did the Meadows support HFCH with financial gifts, but with their time as well, serving as board members and Lavern as a cuddler of infants. Their motto was that everyone can give something to better our community – their time, talent or treasure.

As a new feature, an option to use the Good Samaritan Fund is now available to Medallion members. This allows donors to select where they want their investments dedicated, whether that be the Children’s Hospital, the Pediatric or Oncology Departments or others.

For more information how you might help others in the tri-state region as a member of The Medallion Society, please contact Kristi Arrowood at or 304.526.2009.


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