Oct. 27, 2016 | CHH Foundation, Legacy Planning, News, St. Mary's Foundation
by Bradley Burck

Planning for the Future

Mountain Health Foundations include Cabell and St. Marys

Planning for the future is  scary.  According to the American Bar Association, 55 percent of Americans die without a will or estate plan. If you are apprehensive about estate planning terms, the sometimes confusing language of this arena, or talking with an attorney, don’t feel bad. Most people are intimidated by all of the above. Yet, you shouldn’t allow such misgivings to stop you from developing a sound estate plan. After all, whose wishes do you want carried out—yours, someone who thinks they know what you want, or someone who doesn’t even know you?

If you are thinking about this topic for the first time, or need help revising an established plan, Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation has the resources to guide your decisions. Your support provides you access to such free resources as:

NOTE: As part of our confidential planning assistance, we can offer technical expertise regarding business transitions, estate planning, and related topics, regardless of the size of your estate.

Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation cannot serve as your legal counsel. Still, a staff representative is trained to assist with such subjects as:

  • How to minimize capital gains taxes when you dispose of business holdings
  • Protecting loved ones when they receive their inheritance
  • Minimizing taxes on retirement distributions
  • Eliminating, or at least reducing, estate taxes…

…all while making the process as enjoyable as possible!

If you would like to learn more about these services, please contact Bradley Burck at 304-526-2658. Again, there is no cost or obligation for this assistance!