Nov. 4, 2019 | CHH Foundation, News, St. Mary's Foundation
by Bradley Burck

Make Sure You Have a Will

Control How You Are Remembered and Where Your Assets and Things Go

Make a Will Month

Everyone Needs One…

November is national “Make a Will Month” but you can make a will at anytime.  The Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation and St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation are on a mission.  Our team wants to see that every person has a will in place before they pass away.

In a 2019 survey by, it was found that only 4 out of 10 Americans have an estate plan in place. Through their survey it was found that 76% of respondents think having a will is important.  However only 40% of them actually had one in place.

You Matter

By creating a will you are outlining how you want your final wishes to be handled and the resources that you worked so hard for to be distributed after you are gone. You are not only helping your family make sure they clearly understand your heart, but also have the ability to properly move your assets.

The Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation and St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation have created a FREE Estate Planning toolkit that has all the materials you need to help you get started on Estate Planning. You can request these resources by emailing me below:

Yes, I would like the Free Estate Planning Resources.

The top reasons American’s say they do not have a will are as follows:

  • I just haven’t gotten around to it
  • I don’t have enough assets to leave anyone
  • I don’t know how or it’s too expensive
  • We would love to help you eliminate those excuses and change them into action

If you’re saying, “I just haven’t gotten around to it.”

Make the time. It is better for your family once you are gone that you have a written out plan of how your wishes are to be taken care of, rather than leaving it up to the government to decide for you. You have worked hard while you were here for goals and dreams and let those continue once you are gone.

Thinking “I don’t have enough assets to leave anyone.”

If you own as much as a car, you have assets. If you own jewelry or property, you have assets. You don’t need to just have x amount of money in accounts to feel what you leave behind is a contribution. Material assets as well as life insurance policies are all things that you can and should designate to whom or to which organization you would like to be left.

Are you concerned that “you don’t know how or it’s too expensive.”

Let us help you with our free tool-kit. All that you need in order to get yourself prepared and help gather your thoughts is included in a free resource tool-kit the Foundation would like to offer you. Let our tool-kit be a starting point for you and if you still have questions we would be happy to set-up a time to have someone talk to you or have you attend one of our FREE Estate Planning workshops.

Don’t let another moment go by without making sure you have prepared yourself and family for the future.

If you need some help getting started, our team at the Mountain Health Foundations can get you started.  Drop us an email today.