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Jun. 3, 2022 | CHH Foundation, Stories of Changed Lives
by Beth Sparks

Motivated to Make a Difference, the Martins Join the Medallion Society

Inspired to Make a Difference

When Tony and Cathy Martin married four years ago, they began a journey of service and community involvement that would fulfill a promise. “I made the decision to come back to West Virginia with a promise to myself. That promise was to come back here and make a difference in our state,” Tony said when asked his motivation behind the choice to donate his time to helping others.

Tony, who retired as Commodore Martin after more than 30 years of service in the United States Navy, serves on the Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation Board. Cathy has recently retired as well, after working as a Human Resources manager at various corporations. The couple are Medallion Society members who believe in the importance of families in this region having efficient access to high quality healthcare.

Addressing a Need

After high school, Cathy worked at a local pediatrician’s office. She witnessed many families travel to hospitals that were quite some distance to receive specific treatment for their child. With her knowledge of the need to help families and Tony’s desire to create change, the couple made a joint decision to donate to the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital.

“Thanks to Hoops, the children in our area do not have to make that two to three hour drive to receive the treatment they need,” said Cathy.

After years of hard work professionally to create successful careers, the couple’s focus has shifted, even more so than before, to what they can do for others.

Making a Difference and Inspiring Others

“Doing what we do for the incredible organization that Hoops is, has helped bring prosperity to children in the entire region. That is the kind of influence that I want to continue to have on our state and region,” Tony said, who has served on numerous boards and been involved with many organizations in the area.

Tony and Cathy have seen the wonderful care and experiences families leave the hospital with and respect the work the Foundation does in “bringing together people with fire in their bellies” to spark change.

For more information how you might help others in the tri-state region as a member of The Medallion Society, please contact Kristi Arrowood at Kristi.Arrowood@chhi.org or click here for more information: Medallion Society – Mountain Health Network Foundations (mountainhealthfoundations.org)

To learn more about the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital, visit: Home – Hoops Family Children’s Hospital (hoopschildrens.org)