Jun. 7, 2024 |
by Beth Sparks

I Fought Cancer Here

Imagine fighting cancer. If you have, or know someone who has, you know how debilitating, discouraging and disheartening a battle it can be. Ask someone who has been through this challenge and they’ll tell you there is no tougher fight around. The courage, resilience, and optimistic spirit required to survive during the most negative of times can be truly inspirational.

You may be wondering how you can honor someone who beat cancer or lost their life to this dreaded disease. It’s why MHF Foundations has created “I Fought Cancer Here” memorials at both Cabell Huntington Hospital and St. Mary’s Medical Center.

At Cabell Huntington, you can honor friends or loved ones by placing their name on the “Wall of Fighters” at the Edwards Cancer Institute. You can choose your preferred photo size and whether or not you would like to add a QR code with it. If you choose to add a QR code, someone from the team will contact you and write a 500-word story about the person you are honoring. This story will appear on our website and can be accessed by the QR code featured with the photo.

St. Mary’s has created a special tree that is displayed on the hospital’s campus. If you or someone you know has battled cancer, you can honor them by purchasing an element on the tree. Each element – a leaf, water ripple, acorn, or rock – will be engraved with the names of those who have fought valiantly against cancer.

Many people find it meaningful to make a gift in honor of someone who has fought the cancer battle. It’s the kind of memorial that will live on long after your loved one—and you—have passed on from this earth.