Feb. 1, 2023 | CHH Foundation, iCare Newsletter, Stories of Changed Lives
by Foundation Staff

Heiner’s Hallway of Hope

Love for children, love for Hoops Family Children’s Hospital prompts couple to create unique gift.

For four generations, the enticing aroma of freshly baked bread emanating from Heiner’s Bakery has greeted early morning commuters in the Tri-State area. But, since selling the business, Earl and Nancy Heiner have created another lasting legacy that will greet visiting families to Cabell Huntington Hospital and Hoops Family Children’s Hospital.  Heiner’s Hallway of Hope is the name given to the main connecting corridor that joins the two facilities — the result of a special donation by the couple. Early in their 63-year marriage, Earl and Nancy’s first baby experienced complications. But, Earl prayed fervently, asking God for a miracle — and he got it, as their child recovered.

Moved by Mountain Health Network (MHN) Foundations staff member Kristi Arrowood’s story of her own young son’s experimental brain surgery and subsequent healing, Earl and Nancy determined to create an inviting entryway into the children’s hospital. Their gift resulted in a unique corridor designed to resemble the dining car on a passenger train — a place where waiting families can relax in a pleasant and attractive setting.

As parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and former business owners, Earl and Nancy’s support is born out of a special love for the work of healing and hope provided to children and their families at the hospital.

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