Jan. 11, 2023 | CHH Foundation
by Bradley Burck

Healthy Recipe: Firecracker Fiery Chicken

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Add some real fiery chicken flavor…

Everyone loves Fourth of July fireworks, so why not fiery chicken?

This recipe is not only good, it’s simple.

You’ll be oven-cooking chicken in 10-minute increments before and after adding onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper. But the real kick comes from what I call “firecracker 2.0.”

You start with a half cup of hot sauce and a half cup of brown sugar. Pause to taste; if the result is too spicy, add some more sugar. You’ll add to this sauce with a tablespoon of butter and a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, then two chopped-up cloves of garlic. Then slather the whole mixture over the chicken and heat it again.

Mix it up.

For those who haven’t done much cooking, cornbread may sound like a mystery. But it’s not. Some flour, cornmeal, a half cup of sugar, an egg and a teaspoon of salt get all mixed up. Then add some buttermilk, a third of a cup of vegetable oil, and a can of creamed corn. This gets mixed up and poured into a greased baking pan.

The final ingredient is coleslaw. Sure, you could buy a pre-packaged container at the grocery store, but we’re creating real food here.

For fresh, tasty slaw: chop a head of green cabbage into slices and do the same with a purple one. Cut up some apple and add a bit of shredded carrot.

The sauce comes from a half cup of mayonnaise and a half cup of plain Greek yogurt.

Blend everything together and … mmmm! That’s the abbreviated version…

Watch the video for the full story.

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