Dec. 14, 2022 | CHH Foundation
by Bradley Burck

Healthy Recipe: Chili

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Chili. You can empty a can and heat it in a few minutes—or you can create your own hearty, healthy, mouth-watering treat. This recipe may take a little longer but it will reward your taste buds with the best chili this side of Cincinnati.

For starters, you probably think this dish automatically comes with ground beef. Wrong, bean breath. As Chef Marty shows, you can get creative by using chicken, turkey or his favorite—stew meat—which adds flavorful chunks. So do onions, peppers, diced green chiles and spices like black pepper, cocoa powder, chili powder, cinnamon and oregano.

All these ingredients may make you think cooking chili is too complex and tough for beginners. Not true. In this 20-minute video, Marty will guide you through the process, starting with browning your choice of meat in oil while slicing onions and peppers. Or, for those who get watery eyes just thinking about cutting onions, he reminds that you can simplify that particular task. Just head to the grocery store’s freezer section for bags of julienne sliced onions with yellow and green peppers.

Once all the onions, peppers and spices are ready to be combined with the meat, time for the broth. Again, creativity reigns. Sure you can use water, but why not try beef broth, chicken broth, or beer?

Chili isn’t just for dinner, either. Get everything into a cooking pot and let it simmer all night. In the morning, scoop everything out and use the juices to cook an egg. Mmmm. Chili and eggs for breakfast.

For all the details, just watch.

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