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Leaders in Pink

Leaders from Mountain Health Network, Tim Martin, CHH COO, Mark Morgan, HIMG COO, Angie Swearingen, SMMC COO and Keith Biddle, Rivers Health COO are challenging each other throughout out month of October to raise awareness and support for free mammograms for uninsured and underinsured women in our area. Tim, Mark, Angie and Keith have each pledged to wear pink daily throughout the month. You can support them, and women in our area, by casting your vote on who wears pink better! There is no minimum or maximum donation required, one dollar equals one vote, with all proceeds benefitting the Pink Ribbon Fund at St. Mary’s Medical Center, the Good Samaritan fund at Cabell Huntington Hospital and Rivers Health.

Affecting one in eight women in the US every year and 2.3 million women worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women, except for skin cancers, and the second leading cause of cancer deaths. During the month of October,  Breast Cancer Awareness Month is observed to promote screening and prevention of the disease

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My career path in healthcare started in radiology. My experience assisting patients with diagnostic testing in their healthcare journey is something that I still draw inspiration from today.


My mother and grandmother are both breast cancer survivors. As such, I am doing this for them and in hopes that this further raises the awareness of breast cancer.


Personally, for me, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. Professionally, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has always been an opportunity to not only raise awareness but also raise funds through campaigns like this that ultimately impact lives, fund treatment and offer hope to the patients we serve.


My dear aunt had ovarian cancer and lost her battle to that disease. I think all of us have someone we know or love who has fought cancer and I am honored to participate to raise awareness and money to help support those fighting breast cancer.

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